I'm Goin' In

George Deondre Morris


Understand it, Bermy born and branded
I'll never leave home, I feel like I'm Atlantis
My style so candid, that now it's demand kid
I'm bout to steal the show, I'm set to blow like a cannon
Promoters ask it, reply permission granted
Go spread the word from Fort Scaur to Fort St. Catherine
My team moves in tandem, we throwing all hands in
and thinking things through cuz we don't make moves at random
I'm doing things now that I couldn't fathom then
My vow to my people is I won't abandon them
Pay attention, young legends up to win next
We stay flexing on em, stepping on 'em like insects

I'm a hustle till the day that I die
Everyday is my time
I just I pray I survive (I survive)
I'm a hustle in the rain and the shine
In the house, online
Anyplace I find
I'm going up for a really long climb
So I'm taking my time
On this island of mine
Ready to go; professional from head to toe
I'm set to blow, you already know
I'm goin' in! (Let's work) 8x

Purpose and hunger are birthmarks of a hustler
What's the game plan? Everyone's a customer
I got some truth for them, step up in the booth for them, in true form
The kid's too hot to be lukewarm
I thank my lord everyday that I'm breathing
And I'ma hustle until the day I see him
I'm too grown for dat, ain't wasting time with beefing
I keep dropping jewels, so if you find them you can keep them